Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette: What We Know So Far.

✵Full Spectrum Palette Just Confirmed.✵


Urban Decay Full Spectrum Disclaimer


It’s only been a few hours since we discovered the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette was a thing. It’s only been an hour since Urban Decay themselves announced it. I’m going to cover what we do and do not know about the Full Spectrum Palette, and then look for dupes for the “new” shades, because that’s what I do.


Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette 2

Instagram post that broke the news ahead of Urban Decay.

What we do know:
– It’s a large palette
– It contains a rainbow of shades
– It contains multiple finishes, including mattes
– It contains 18 new shades
– It contains 21 shades in total
– It comes with a double-ended brush, which appears to be shadow on one end, blending on the other, and says “UD Full Spectrum.”
– It has gorgeous packaging
– It will retail for $58
– It will be released October 28th
– It will be sold via Sephora (no word on other retailers or UD’s site)


Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette 1

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette! It’s pretty.

What we don’t know:

Release date
– Price
– Availability/Exclusivity
– Exact shade descriptions (and at least one name I couldn’t make out)

As this information becomes available, I will update this post.

Let’s look at the shades, shall we?

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette 3


Starting at top left, going down and right

  • A brightened pinkish-burgundy (name appears to be “Alchemy”), either shimmer or frost. From Vice 3
  • A brightened vibrant pink, similar to Woodstock (name appears to be “Gossip”), either shimmer or frost
  • A cool-toned pinkish-lavender (name appears to be “Paranoia”), either shimmer or frost
  • A dusty pinkish-orange (can’t make out name, possibly “Warning”), either shimmer or frost
  • A very bright pink (can’t make out name), possibly matte or satin
  • A bright orange (name appears to be “Jones”), possible satin or shimmer
  • A deep olive-gold (name appears to be “Midnight Blaze”), either shimmer or frost (or glitter, since it’s got “midnight” in the name)
  • A bright yellow (name appears to be “Calavera”), and it appears to be matte. Might be semi-matte/satin.
  • A bright true gold (name appears to be “Goldmine”), either shimmer or satin
  • A deep, dirty green (name appears to be “Hundred”), either shimmer or frost
  • A bright kelly green (name appears to be “Hatter”), appears to be matte. From the recent Alice in Wonderland Palette.
  • A bright, yellow-toned acid green (name appears to be “Mean”),  looks to be shimmer
  • A deep-but-brightened blue (name appears to be “Minx”),  honestly could be any finish
  • A brightened blue (name appears to be “Blindsided”), certainly looks matte
  • A similar, but somewhat lighter blue (name appears to be “Metamorphosis”) either shimmer or frost. From the recent Alice in Wonderland Palette.
  • A dark, warm-toned purple (name appears to be “Delirious”), definitely looks matte
  • A medium-dark, less warm purple (name appears to be “Sketch”), looks like shimmer
  • A lighter, dusty, cool-toned purple (name appears to be “Faded”), either shimmer or satin
  • A medium gunmetal gray, similar to Gunmetal (name appears to be “Platonic”), shimmer or frost
  • A bright silvery-white (name appears to be “Iced”), shimmer or frost
  • A bright white (name appears to be “Bump”), definitely matte.


So the not-new shades are Hatter and Metamorphosis, both from the Alice In Wonderland, Through The Looking Glass Palette, and Alchemy, from the Vice III palette.Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette

Wait, Goldmine is in the Urban Decay Vice XX Reloaded palette. That’s four. The Metamorphosis in the promo pic doesn’t look like the Metamorphosis in the AiW: Through The Looking Glass palette, however.

Possible dupes for shades in the Full Spectrum Palette:

These are just off the top of my head, as I think of more or have time to research, I’ll add them.


  • Alchemy: Not New
  • Gossip: Backlash (Vice3), Cake (Alice), Noise (Vice1), Junkshow (15th, Vice LTD)
  • Paranoia: 1985 (Vice4), Vice (Vice1), Jilted (Electric), Fishnet (Perm)
  • Warning: Salazen Grum (Alice), Sonic (Vice3), Freelove (Perm), Gash (XX Vintage) Heat (Old Deluxe Shadow)
  • The one between Warning and Jones: Coax (Vice2)
  • Jones: Paradox (Alice), Rash (XX Vintage), Flame (Vice4)
  • Midnight Blaze: Snare (perm), Crowbar (Vice1), Brokedown (Vice3),  Stash (Vice2)
  • Calvera: No UD dupes
  • Goldmine:  Blitz (Vice1), 1987 (Stefani)  Rust (XX Vintage),  Spell #1 (Glinda Oz)
  • Hundred:  Floss (Vice LTD), Damaged (Vice2), Bender (Perm), Chains (UD XX Vintage)
  • Hatter: Not new
  • Mean: Thrash (Electric)
  • Minx:  Radium (Perm) Blue Bus (BOS IV), 501 (XX Vice LTD Reloaded), Danger (Stefani), Evidence (Perm)
  • Blindsided: Gonzo (Electric), Chaos (Electric), Dive Bar (Perm)
  • Metamorphosis: Not new
  • Delirious: Freakshow (like six different palettes), Psychedelic Sister (perm), Gravity (perm), Last Call (perm)
  • Snatch: Urban (Electric), Flash (perm), Rockstar (perm),
  • Faded: ACDC (perm), Voodoo (Vice2), Half Truth (15th), Betrayal (Vice2), Rapture (Vice1)
  • Platonic: Gunmetal (perm), S&M (perm), Mushroom (perm)
  • Iced: Crystal (BOS IV, Vice LTD) Shellshock (Vice2) Revolt (Electic)

    Bump: If matte, no UD dupes

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