Review of Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow White Toner – Hair Color Dispatch #.75

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Toner? I hardly know ‘er!

There’s your dad-joke for the day.

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Toner is something that not everyone who dyes their own hair uses, for several reasons. One reason is, it’s technically not necessary. You’ve already lifted your hair color with bleach, any dyes you use … Read more!

Ridiculous Beauty Article Time! Courtesy of Yahoo Shine, Whatever That Is.

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So I ran across this article in a FB group a few days ago. You don’t need to click it, I’m going to quote it and critique it, so if you’d rather not give hits to blatant click-bait, you don’t have to.

The title is Beauty Products You Don’t Need … and a Few You Definitely Do. Very good clickbait title. … Read more!

Mini-review: Sweetpea & Fay Kazoo eye shadow.

Sweetpea & Fay Kazoo Mini-Review


Sweetpea & Fay Cosmetics is a relatively new company to me, and I have not gotten around to making a purchase from their store yet. I did, however, receive a single shadow from a friend, Sweetpea & Fay Kazoo. I love the color, and the formula is quite good, so I thought I’d do a mini-review.

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Swatch and Review: Lime Crime’s “China Doll” palette.

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It’s fairly difficult to spend much time in the indie community without hearing about Lime Crime. There have been accusations and scandals aplenty, and it seems as if no one simply feels ‘meh’ about them, it’s either love or hate. I’m not here to discuss any of that, though. My curiosity about the products’ actual quality got the best of me a few months ago, and I ordered … Read more!

Saucebox Cosmetics: Forbidden Fruits Palette: Pictures, Swatches, and Review

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Saucebox Cosmetics has recently been gaining a lot of attention, and I’m glad. It’s well-deserved, and I figured the least I could do was add to the information out there with a review of my own. Founded in 2010, Saucebox is run by a mother-and-daughter team, both self-confessed makeup addicts who believe makeup is all about attitude and self-expression. The “saucebox” part of the company’s name … Read more!