Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette: What We Know So Far.

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette 1

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✵Full Spectrum Palette Just Confirmed.✵


Urban Decay Full Spectrum Disclaimer


It’s only been a few hours since we discovered the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette was a thing. It’s only been an hour since Urban Decay themselves announced it. I’m going to cover what we do and do not know about the … Read more!

Is X shadow from Madd Style Cosmetics discontinued? Yes.

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MSC collage

Is a shade from Madd Style Cosmetics discontinued? Find out here! There’s a Google doc with this information, but Google docs don’t show up on a Google search, so I thought I’d make this. I put things in alphabetical order, but you can also find things by pressing CTRL + F in Windows/Command (⌘) + F in Mac/iOS at the same time, … Read more!