Emily Witcher, Divine Etiquette, Project Undefined, and Potential Good News.

Emily Witcher admitting to photo theft and a whole lot more



Okay. For any readers who aren’t aware of the issues with Emily Witcher’s past stores, named ‘Project Undefined’ and ‘Pundefined, there were problems with photo theft, unprofessional behavior, and worries on my part that the products might not be sanitary/safe for consumers, as well as concerns about quality. I noticed the photo theft originally last November, and made this post about it, and some of the actions I … Read more!

Project Undefined: Lies and Theft and Backpedalling, Oh My!

This gallery contains 26 photos.


Several people have asked me for this story, and it’s to the point where it’s longer than Facebook’s character limit, so on here it goes.

EDIT: Emily’s response and a summary update at bottom of post.

EDIT 2: There’s a Part II here

EDIT THE THIRD: Part 2.5 here.

EDIT THE FOURTH: Round two started mid-February 2014, here’s a link.


Project Undefined is a … Read more!

Mini-review: Sweetpea & Fay Kazoo eye shadow.

Sweetpea & Fay Kazoo Mini-Review


Sweetpea & Fay Cosmetics is a relatively new company to me, and I have not gotten around to making a purchase from their store yet. I did, however, receive a single shadow from a friend, Sweetpea & Fay Kazoo. I love the color, and the formula is quite good, so I thought I’d do a mini-review.

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For those of you who don’t know, Bloglovin’ is a fantastic way to keep track of blogs. No bookmark bars or folders full of links, no checking blogs hoping there’s an update, no missing awesome posts. Bloglovin’ puts all of the updates of all of your followed blogs into a single feed. You have the option to divide the feed however you want, for example, I divide mine by basic content. There’s a “Cosmetics” feed, a “Cooking/Baking” feed, a “Kids’ Stuff” feed, a “Fashion” feed, etc. I find myself just looking at the … Read more!