Sneak Peek Leak of Upcoming Urban Decay Products, including Electric Palette and Polish Trio.


So, a sneak peak leak has happened on Reddit. Since a lot of people don’t read Reddit, and many more are confused by the design, I thought I’d repost these (with credit) so more people can find them. Keep in mind, this was supposed to be an in-house memo only, so that’s why the images are rough.

Edit: Having not kept abreast of Urban Decay’s spring releases, I failed to realize a couple of these were from the spring line. The spring line was only covered by bloggers about ten days ago, and I have no idea when it went live, so I don’t feel too bad about this error.
I’ve removed the spring things from wherever in the list and added a separate section for them below the leaked sneak peak pictures, with links to swatch and review posts by other bloggers.


First off, the Electric palette itself.
Urban Decay Electric Palette PreviewReminds me a bit of Sleek’s Acid and Ultra Matte Brights palettes, but that could just be due to the fact that they all have nothing but bright colors. I cannot wait to swatch these, especially Thrash. Chartreuse, hooray.

Other Upcoming Urban Decay Releases

Two more polishes in the current full-sized polish bottle style.

Again, neither of the colors grab me, although the orange looks like it might have more complexity and depth than we can see. Also, once again I’m excited because this could be taken as evidence for an entire Electric line.

Next up, we have six very bright, loose glitters and a glitter adhesive.
7goFfzcGotta love the name “Bondage” for a glitter glue. Or makeup adhesive. Whatever you wish to call it. Again, bright colors, might be part of the Electric line.

After that, we have a small treasure trove of new eye liners.
XykrpuhA marker liner, a new pencil liner that seems to be named ‘Black Velvet,’ a twist-up solid pencil or gel liner, an amazing looking angled liner brush, and a gel liner. Wow. My excitement is tied, both these and the Electric palette both take first place.
Urban Decay has also generally trademarked “Perversion” for multi-cosmetic use, which makes sense.

The rest are additions to the Naked line, it seems.

First of these is a renamed Naked Flushed, now called Naked Flushed.. Naked? As well as three other Naked Flush palettes, all with different shades.
XnrH2yNStreak looks to be for daytime, Native looks to be for paler skin or lighter looks, and strip looks to be for darker skin, night, and/or more dramatic looks. Looking forward to swatching these.

Finally, we have two new shades of Urban Decay’s Beauty Balm.
1ORnvsOSo one illuminates and one bronzes. That’s a good start, and I’ll definitely want to try the illuminating one as an illuminating primer, as these are far too sheer for my personal taste.


Spring releases that escaped my attention somehow

We now have nine new or revamped shades of lip gloss, in a new, Nakedized packaging. Officially known as Naked Ultra Nourishing Lip Gloss, now for sale for $20 each.
VampyVarnish has an excellent swatch and review of these up.

Notice that one is named “Rule 34.” I’m not much of a gloss person, but I’ll definitely swatch them, and maybe try a mini.


Next, the nail trio, which has apparently been for sale on Urban Decay’s site for nine days. Whoops. It’s currently sold out, no idea if it will be restocked.


The image that was leaked.


The image currently on Urban Decay’s site.

These appear to be are minis, and while none of the shades grab my attention, the big ole “ELECTRIC” at the top certainly does. I’ve been hoping for an Electric line from UD to counter the Naked line, and this is a bit of evidence that such a line is in the works.

There are also two new shades of the Naked Skin Beauty Balm, bringing the current count to three, and the eventual count to five, assuming the highlighting and bronzing ones make it to the final stage. There is now a light, medium (the original), and dark version.
I don’t have an photos, but VampyVarnish has an excellent review and swatch of these and the final remaining product.

That final product is… some new finishing powders.

7JXEr2ISince I doubt any of them will match my skin tone, I’m not really excited for these.

Supposedly, the release date for the Urban Decay Electric palette is sometime this summer It’s actually being released on March 18th, 2014. I don’t know about the other products. I know Urban Decay registered a trademark on Electric late last year, similar to the trademarks they registered on Naked and Naked Skin once they decided to make those full lines. Hopefully this means they’ve heard the large contingent of their die-hard fans that are asking for less neutrals and more old-school Urban Decay shades. I can dream, can’t I?

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