Tatcha Customer Service: Doing It Right.


I will make another post about Tatcha’s product quality (hint: I think it’s good) versus price (hint: it’s expensive) soon, but I feel this deserves a separate post. A few months go, I won a Tatcha giveaway from Cute and Mundane, one of the blogs I regularly follow.  Tatcha had just released their Ageless Collection, and was giving away one full-sized container of each product. I … Read more!

Is X shadow from Madd Style Cosmetics discontinued? Yes.

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MSC collage

Is a shade from Madd Style Cosmetics discontinued? Find out here! There’s a Google doc with this information, but Google docs don’t show up on a Google search, so I thought I’d make this. I put things in alphabetical order, but you can also find things by pressing CTRL + F in Windows/Command (⌘) + F in Mac/iOS at the same time, … Read more!

Opinion Piece: I’m on to you, Urban Decay.

Urban Decay cosmetics, a high-end company long known and adored for their fantastic colors and safely alternative edge, has been getting heat lately. I’ve been paying close attention, since I have the most ridiculous love-hate relationship with this brand. So now Urban Decay is trying to distract us with pretty things.


If we click on “Shop Our Holiday Collection,” we’re met with three pages of items. It’s not so much a “Holiday Collection” as it is a “New Stuff (And Also Older Stuff We’re Pushing) Collection.”
On the first page of their Holiday collection, we’re met a $12 … Read more!