Divine Etiquette, Emily Witcher, and The Ashes of Project Undefined.

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Nothing Disclosure


Transparency is very important to me, be it from myself, a shop owner, another blogger, the friggin’ government, whoever. Because of that, I’m adding this preface. It doesn’t concern Ms. Witcher directly, so if you don’t care, I don’t care if you skip it.

This is the second post where I address the lies and falsehoods Emily Witcher, current owner of Divine Etiquette and past owner of Project Undefined and Pundefined (or P u n d e f i n e d), has told others (and possibly herself) about me. I have received a small amount of criticism for addressing these things in the past, usually with “why stoop to her level?” or “I personally don’t see the back-and-forth as necessary” being the main point. The criticism was meant to be constructive, and I both appreciated and considered it, as I do with all constructive criticism.

I have decided to leave up the first post where I addressed these things up (it’s here, but if you haven’t read anything about this and want to read them in order, scroll down to the beginning of the post itself), and to create this second post. The main reason is simple. I have witnessed so much drama and gossip, hearsay and twisting of private words in the indie community. “PM me for the truth” has become a joking catchphrase among many people in the community, because of people’s unwillingness to speak publicly about whatever particular drama. I would much rather have a public record to show that I’m not ashamed of anything I haven’t already changed, admitted was a mistake, or apologized for, and to show that my version is the same, no matter the audience. Secondary, but still important, I feel continuing to document Emily’s behavior is important. I explain my reasons for feeling that way in this post. Last, and of least importance to anyone who isn’t myself, I have the right to refute these claims, and I am choosing to exercise that right.

What happened

Note: I’ve transcribed all of the pertinent bits of the screenshots, for mobile users and such.

Roughly a month and a half ago, Ms. Emily Witcher decided to re-animate the corpse of her store, originally named Project Undefined. This was the second time she’d reopened. The prior re-opening lasted for a couple of months before the shop closed down in November of 2013. I cover the reasons she closed down then here and here, and why she claims she was ‘closed down’ here. In short, she was caught definitely committing IP theft in the form of stealing many, many pictures, from different places. There was also the potential production of and selling of product from an unsafe environment. Rather than publicly apologize, admit mistakes, show that her products were sanitary and try to move on, she stopped posting and accused me of cyberbullying. You can read allll about that hot mess in the three linked posts.

When she reopened in early February, she renamed her store ‘Pundefined.’ All seemed to be going well until she uploaded forty-two photographs that were not hers or of her products, and that she had no rights to use, legally. She was claiming they were the products that would soon be available in her store. I sighed, shook my head, wrote a post about it, and notified the owners of the two Etsy shops from whom she had stolen the photos.

There was a brief brouhaha. A few other people who are aware of her past shenanigans, and were disgusted by her repeating actions that she knew were not ethical, left negative comments on her ‘Pundefined’ business page, and the following exchange took place:

Pundefined Comments CensoredP u n d e f i n e d: Please tell me if we stole them then why are our prices cheaper? They most likely stole it from us.

Person #1: You took the pictures, Emily.

Person #1 Prices mean nothing when you are taking pictures of someone else’s work. You know this.

Person #1: (link to one of the stores Emily had stolen pictures from) This shop has been around longer than you. So has Rocksterize (Note: The other store she stole pictures from this time around). Good job stealing photos from other companies again.

Person #2, AKA me: Except the photos have distinct photography styles, one style per shop, and neither one is your own style. So no, they’re not stolen from you. Why do you keep doing this?

That wasn’t a rhetorical question, either. Her current store’s Facebook page (Divine Etiquette) and the Listia account she is using to try and translate her shadows into other material goods currently contain nothing but photos she’s taken herself, as far as I know.She can take decent pictures. I think part of the reason she does it is because people have expressed distaste for the unblended chunks of pigment in her shadows. Here’s a gallery of examples, for those who haven’t seen them before. I think another reason she does it is so she can drum up excitement for, and possible sell, shadows that look much more appealing than hers, and are photographed more expertly.

Shortly after that exchange, the entire ‘P u n d e f i n e d’ business page was deleted. It did, after all, have albums chock full of stolen photos, with her specifically claiming they were her own creation and intellectual property. And “If we stole their photos, why are our prices cheaper” is a just plain nonsensical argument, so Emily knew she was caught.

Emily also deleted two of the stolen pictures from her own wall. You can see the post she edited the pictures out of at the bottom of the screenshot.
Emily Witcher Removed Photos


Shortly thereafter, she threatened me, and two other people who left reviews/had the audacity to ask her why she had stolen pictures again.Emily Witcher ThreatEmily Witcher: I’m deleting everyone on here that I don’t talk to. Someone is cyber stalking my account and don’t think I don’t know. I know you’ve been there for awhile now.


Definition courtesy of Google.

I have not used anything to harass or frighten Emily. I have never threatened her in any way, save for one time, in the comments of a blog post, where I let her know that giving out my personal email to her groupies so they could email me pictures of Goatse or whatever would be handled, legally, as harassment. I’m not sure if that’s a threat or not, to me, I was letting her know the consequences of a potential (and common, in the indie world) action. But even if it is a threat, it’s the sole one I’ve made in the nearly half a year I’ve been aware she exists.

I am not trying to harm Emily, and I have made no demands concerning her behavior or life, insisting that she change them. I’ve never even made an ultimatum like “As long as you continue to steal photos, I’m going to document it,” because there would be no point, and I do not plan to be the master archivist of years and years of her internet shenanigans. So far, people have brought things to my attention, and I’ve made posts because I personally would want this information readily available if I were someone who had never heard of Project Undefined / Pundefined / Divine Etiquette, and were trying to find more information about them. Emily is seemingly unable to see herself as anything but the victim, and I’m sure she has been the victim of cruelty and unfairness. So has everyone else in life. All I can do is ensure I am not perpetrating any, towards anyone.Her profile was still, at this time, public. I could log out and see it, and any of the people who were aware of the brouhaha could see it as well.

Emily Witcher (cont.): But I’m locking down this account, and if you want to be a cyberbully (sic), you’ve really really really pissed me off. (My name), (the name of a person who left a negative review, except she got the last name wrong), and (the name of another person who left her a negative review), Don’t think I cannot get all of your info. and start ruining your real lives. I haven’t even begun to attack you.

But, I can.

Let’s play a game, shall we?

That is a threat. That is cyber bullying. Saying ‘I will ruin your real lives’ cannot be interpreted in any way that is not a threat. I have a child, a family, bills to pay, a whole ‘real’ life outside the internet. I know at least one of the other people she threatened has children as well. You cannot ‘ruin’ a parent’s life without it effecting the child, and negatively. For the horrible, horrible crime of exposing Emily’s lies and photo/IP theft, I’m threatened with having my life ruined.

Emily Witcher Threat OPEmily’s Friend #1: send em my way, I’ll tear them apart.

Emily Witcher: They are actually a tough bunch online. They run blogs in the makeup community and a lot of people like them. They aren’t even good at makeup, but I’m assuming its (note, she’s referring to ‘our’ apparent popularity) because they attacked everyone they could, and made everyone leave the internet, so they got higher up.

I honestly don’t know where to start with this one. Apparently beauty blogging is like Highlander, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE. Apparently I’ve attacked so many people so viciously it caused them to ‘leave the internet,’ yet have no posts concerning any other bloggers on my blog, save for a reblog of an important review concerning a water-based indie product that went moldy within three weeks. And no, I don’t have any other beauty-related blogs. I’m too lazy to be the kind of mastermind she’s trying to paint me as.

Apparently I’m not even good at makeup! It must be true, the lady who has piss-yellow and Gak-green hair said so. She’s obviously an arbiter of taste, of the highest caliber.

Seriously, though, two things; one, my ability to discern if a photo is stolen or not has as much to do with my cosmetic application skills as her hair color choice does with her ability to create a safe, quality product. That is, absolutely zilch. Nothing. The two are not related. Secondly, I’m honestly not sure what she’s basing her judgement of my makeup skills on. On my FB profiile, I tend to use pics of myself with low-key, more natural eye looks, and the single picture of myself wearing makeup on this blog is at the bottom of this nine-month old post. In said post, I state that I threw the look on in ten minutes and that I’m very aware my makeup skills are not great (they’re better, but still not ideal).

The other two do not even have blogs, as far as I know. They’re definitely not extremely active, popular bloggers, and for that matter, neither am I. I get maybe 200 hits a month. I’ve never in my life managed to make someone ‘leave the internet.’ This is a prime example of Emily making everything about her, and making herself out to be the victim. I have no doubt that one of the reasons she deleted the Pundefined page so quickly is to get rid of all the evidence. The reviews, conversation, and blog post of mine that showed her obvious photo theft all had to go before her friends could see any of it. Note that she does not mention my post, or my blog, or what ‘we’ did exactly.

Emily Witcher Threat 2

Emily’s Friend #2: Fucking sucks when people who are total dicks are super likable… a girl in my town stalked all my accounts and was taking screencaps of EVERYTHING I did. And no one believed me because “Maddie is such a sweetheart.”

Emily Witcher: Yep, that’s what they do to me. They stopped once I shut my store down, but I open it back up and they find my page and start shit again.

This is untrue. First of all, there is no ‘we.’ Various people have decided to keep an eye on Emily either for the sheer entertainment factor, or because they know she keeps committing photo theft and ripping off customers. Things she does that are ridiculous/illegal/etc get back to me, since I covered her photo theft issues last November. Sometimes I write a post. This ‘we’ bullshit makes it sound like there’s an army of people all coordinated and hell-bent on picking on poor widdle Emily for no reason.

She made numerous posts about her being in the stages of reopening her store in the weeks before I happened to see the pictures of shadows she’d uploaded, and decided to check and see if they were elsewhere online. It was not until she broke both the law and the accepted moral codes of society and the indie community that I made a post. And then, I did nothing but show the proof of her theft. If I had found no proof of IP theft, I would have made no post. If ‘we’ were harassing her with the intent to close her store as soon as it opened, ‘we’ would have started weeks earlier.

Emily’s Friend #3: People are ridiculous.

I agree.

Emily’s Friend #2: I dunno why people put so much effort into this shit. Is it really that fucking satisfying? I think I remember (note: shit I left a black thingimajig here when I edited the photo to block out the names) blogs and they were picking at stupid shit like (blocked by thingimajig, but I remember it saying something like ‘the condition of your work table’)

It is not fucking satisfying. It’s annoying and time-consuming. It takes up time I could spend on other things regarding my blog. I do it anyway, because..

Emily Witcher: I asked them on a fake account why they did it, and they said it was because, “We are bringing good to the community ” sure if giving someone’s public address phone number, boyfriend names, mothers name, etc. out to a whole bunch of strangers is a good thing.

..I want potential customers to have access to a record of Emily’s behavior. As I said, I would want someone else to chronicle such things for me, so I can know what’s happened, who has done what, what laws and moral codes have been broken, etc when I research the company.

I’m not sure what fake account she’s talking about. I’ve never told her I was bringing good to the community. This kind of information is very much a mixed bag, as indie community members are almost universally dismayed when drama like this inadvertently scares someone off of indie entirely. I may have told her what I just said above, that I think it’s important for potential buyers to have such information.


I have never given out her address, phone number, boyfriend’s name (or names, not sure if that’s a typo or what), her mother’s name, or anything else like that. Never. There was a point in time where she angered and upset quite a few people in the indie community by posting that she was throwing food into a dirty litterbox and her pets were eating the food out of the litterbox.

Emily Witcher LitterboxClean litter can harm an animal’s digestive tract. Litter with urine and feces on it can cause an animal serious pain and damage. Anyway, quite a few people took it upon themselves to find an address (in this case, the one that was posted on her store page at the time) and report her to the nearest animal rescue shelter. I do not know if anything came of that, it’s likely they never investigated. If someone is or has been giving out Emily’s personal info, it was not me. That’s not my style. I somewhat doubt anyone did, given her history of lying, and the fact that she posted that while drumming up pity from friends because she felt unhappy she’d been caught stealing pictures again. It may have, I’m not saying it definitively didn’t, just that I didn’t do it, and I have doubts it happened.

Emily’s Friend #4: Do you think they’re from Unique Perfection?

Unique Perfection is, hilariously enough, an Etsy jewelry company that Emily was publicly lambasting and threatening and harassing because she felt they had stolen pictures and ideas from other stores. I do not know if they did or not, I didn’t care enough to investigate. The irony of Emily having already had her own drama before, concerning stolen photos from at least two shops, I think more (I can only remember BLSoaps and Whiphand Cosmetics offhand) is amazing. The additional irony of her deciding to go ahead and steal pictures from two more shops while shaming and harassing another company for IP theft is just delicious.

It also proves she knew what she was doing was wrong, and did it anyway.

Emily’s Friend #5 Pretty sure you can press charges for that.

Emily Witcher: I can, but it takes a lot of money to sue someone

..And here she begins to make excuses for not pursing action against her terrible awful evil stalkers.

Emily Witcher Threat3

Emily Witcher: And different states have different laws, I’ve already contacted the authorities (sic) and they cannot do anything.

More excuses. I really do hope she tried to call the cops on me, though. Not because I want any police officer’s time wasted, but because it would be a hilarious example of how Emily twists things in her mind. She told me she would contact the authorities, sure. I didn’t believe her, not for one second. She’s putting on an act, and her main role is that of the victim, so she has to do everything a victim would actually do. Or at least say she did so online.

Emily’s Friend #5: you don’t have to sue… just press charges. File a restraining order. I don’t know where you’re located, though… I’m in maine and I was harassed through Tumblr by an ex and he spent three nights in jail. They don’t take that shit lightly here.

I’m glad to hear Maine has decent laws regarding online harassment. Three nights in jail kinda sounds like he was arrested and couldn’t make bail immediately, though. No mention of a trial, a sentence, substantial jail time, probation. Not really my concern though. I do wonder how this person thinks a restraining order would apply online? I know there are no-contact orders that cover online communication, but I haven’t contacted Emily for almost six months, and when I was in contact with her, it was either when she was in my Facebook group, posting, when I confronted her via FB PM about the photo theft last November or when she asked me to email her after my initial post last November.

Emily Witcher: They are in Alaska.


Hang on, that doesn’t properly convey my confusion and puzzlement.SGRD5xKQ7CThere we go, that’s.. closer. I live in the middle of the continental United States. You cannot get more not-Alaska than that, and still live in the US. The other two people who have unfortunately been lumped in with me because they left an unflattering review do not live in Alaska, either. I wonder if she randomly picked a state that seemed extra… difficult to deal with, legally, due to the distance?

Emily Witcher: I am in Mississippi.(leaving this in because it’s a matter of public record all over the place, including her current store FB page)

Emily Witcher: Anchorage, Alaska to be exact.

Emily’s Friend #2: You don’t have to sue. It’s considered stalking and that’s a crime.

That would be good advice if Emily were actually being harassed, cyber-bullied, cyber-stalked, or any of the other things she’s accused me of doing. I honestly feel bad for these friends of Emily’s who are trying to give her helpful advice, she’s lying to them, both directly and by omission.

Emily Witcher: I’ll look more into it then, I don’t know where (my name) is though, she just made a hate blog out of the blue.

Again, what?

Hang on, I’ve got just the thing for this. SGRD5xKQ7CThere we go. My blog is not about Emily. I renewed the annual contract on my hosting before I’d ever heard of Emily Witcher. I post things that are not about Emily Witcher, or any sort of hatred. When I do post about Emily Witcher, it is not hateful, and I feel no hate. Disgust? Yes. Pity? Yes. Weariness? Yeah. Hate? Nope.

Emily’s Friend #5: I could talk to my dad if you’d [like]. It sounds silly but my dad works in insurance and always knows some loophole when it comes to harassment charges and things of that nature.

Emily Witcher: So does mine.

Emily Witcher: What does your dad do?

Congress Emily Witcher: Let me warn you, if you’re reading this status and you start attacking my family, I’m not jumping in. That is something YOU DON’T want to do. My family is connected to A LOT of high up people. You might be popular online, but I’m connected to congress.

Oh shit you guys, the AFLAC duck is gonna whack me! He’s gonna gimme some concrete shoes and send me to sleep with the fishes! The last thing I’ll ever hear is “AFLLAAAAAACCCCCC!” (note: for those not in an area with AFLAC, it’s an insurance company with a duck, voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, as it’s spokes-duck/mascot. It’s as annoying as it sounds.)

To be serious, though. I have no intention of ever doing anything to or interacting with Emily’s family. They’re not the ones committing IP theft. They’re not the ones outright lying about their actions, and my actions. I did glance at her parents’ FB pages, after she posted this, out of curiosity. It seems her father is a humongous proponent of free speech, which I very much respect and agree with. I can’t see a major proponent of free speech trying to shut down a blog where someone is using said right to free speech to share their opinion on a tiny, unknown blog. The rest of the conversation is Emily and Emily’s Friend #2 discussing the aspects of their father’s jobs, which doesn’t need to be shared publicly.

The next day, she posted this.
CaptureEmily Witcher: Changed my mind.
I won’t delete this account just yet.
But I do not have any pages anymore,
(I gave the to other people. I’m sure they will wake up sometime today and realize they now own those pages.)

PU is gone and I’ve left any group I talk in.
So, you’re welcome cyber stalkers.

I figured I wouldn’t delete this account due to the fact that I have the freedom to do or say anything I want on this account.

My personal, I can do the same, but the news feed is rather boring.

Commenter #1: You’re giving it all away because someone’s stalking you?


I try to find humor in everything, that’s how I deal with the insanity that is life, but I can’t find any here. All I feel is pity, frustration, sadness, and irritation. It’s irritating to be used, and Emily is using me as a scapegoat. She’s not shutting down because she either will not or cannot use her own damn pictures, oh no. She’s shutting down because STALKERS. The fact that she’s doing such a childish, predictable thing is just pathetic. I don’t mean that as an insult, I mean it in the true sense of the word. Living while operating in such a childish manner, viewing things in such an immature way, it can’t be fun. I feel bad for her.

Frustration, well, I didn’t want her to ‘give away’ pages or whatever. All I’ve ever wanted her to do is stop stealing IP. I thought she had stopped stealing IP, and I was ready to forget she ever existed. I do not know if she’s convinced herself I’m (or should I say ‘we are?’) stalkers who have done her wrong, or if she’s simply putting up a front so her friends don’t discover her mistakes, but it’s frustrating either way. And although all I ever wanted was for her to stop committing intellectual property theft, I had hoped she would publicly admit her mistakes (we all make them), apologize to the people whose photos she’s stolen and the people she gave horrible customer service to. Ideally offer refunds to those people as well, and start fresh, with legitimate photos and legitimate product. The indie community does not need any more of this shit, it needs less. It needs success stories. I’m just sad and disheartened that she’s going in basically the opposite direction I’d hoped.

Here’s a post she made before I published my blog post showing her theft, concerning Unique Perfection.
NOTALLOWEDeditEmily Witcher: No.
Buying and selling other people’s products are what WHOLESALER’S do.
Indie companies make THEIR own products, take THEIR own photo’s, and HAVE LEGITIMATE COMPANIES
But what do I know, I don’t own anything important.

I’m going to resist the temptation to go for the obvious jokes here, and just point out that right there, Emily shows she’s well aware of the common practices of indie companies. That includes ‘not stealing photos.’

Emily’s Friend #1: plus without having the other people’s permission they can get in trouble.

Emily Witcher: Correct. That’s copyright infringement.

Emily’s Friend #1: Exp. if they are making profit and they are stealing a design that someone else isn’t selling and they aren’t giving any credit to the maker what so ever.

Emily Witcher: It’s hard not to get frustrated when you see something like this, as a shop owner, because it could happen to you, and you would never know. So I like to inform owner’s about this, so we can prevent this.

Okay, so, Emily informing owners/bringing attention to copyright infringment/IP theft, noble and totally okay. Anyone else doing it, when Emily is the thief? Cyberbulling, cyberstalking, slander, and harassment.

Emily Witcher: Why yes, this status is about Unique Perfection Merch – Shutting down or not, making a status about me or not, this needs to be known.

Funny how Emily understands the reasons for exposing IP theft perfectly, but when it comes to drumming up sympathy on her Facebook, she pretends to have no idea what’s going on or why ‘we’ are doing this.

Some miscellany

Someone, I’m assuming Emily’s boyfriend, left this charming comment on my blog a couple of weeks ago.

wtfI found more photo theft on Emily’s Tumblr, as well.

custom set 3 Custom set Custom set2Here she is claiming this collage of product shots, originally used in a listing by CMarieMinerals, are her own products.

fantastic faces fantastic faces2Here she is pimping some of her neons, which, according to Beautylish, are from Fantastic Faces.

Mermaid1 mermaid2 mermaid3Another picture from CMarieMinerals shared on Tumblr as her own creation.

Capture cosmicHere’s a vague ‘pigment’ from Alibaba being misrepresented as “Cosmic” from Project Undefined.

MysteryProof it was on Emily’s Tumblr.

Midnight midnight2Here she is claiming a midnight purple mica from sjmsupplies is actually her Midnight eye shadow in her shop. And it may very well have been, I have no idea if she was a repackager or not. But either way, she didn’t have the rights to this photo.
tumblr_mw2zit9TBg1r2rrmgo1_500Here’s a tale of her unprofessional behavior from Tumblr.

She also left the following comment on the first blog post I did regarding her photo theft
Emily's replyShe admits, here, to stealing BLSOAPS pictures. Notice that she’s not at all concerned with apologizing to the people whose pictures she stole. She seems to think saying she regrets it make it all better. She always says she regrets things, once she’s caught. I really don’t believe her, if she regrets it so much, why keep doing it?

Several unhappy customers responded to her comment:
Honest Reviews two unhappy customersWhoops.

Once again, I have a wonderful screenshot of Emily being unbelievably racist to end a post with.



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