Alternative Clothing Shopping Guide

Alternative Clothing Shopping Guide

I love alternative clothing, and I love shopping, so it stands to reason that I love shopping for alternative clothing. Unfortunately,  I do not live in a large enough metropolitan area to have much of a selection around here. Sure, there’s a Hot Topic, but Hot Topic rarely does it for me. So I tend to order online.

I can’t be the only one who is constantly forgetting that awesome site I saw last month with that one cute dress. I also can’t be the only one who gets frustrated when a brand doesn’t have their own retail site, and instead has to prowl around the internet, trying to find a store in my country, or with reasonable international shipping, that sells a particular item in my size. So, I’m making a list. Not just to help myself remember, but to help others find that brand, item, site, or five like it.

If there’s a brand or store missing that you feel belongs here, please let me know here

Alternative Clothing Shopping


Currently a work in progress, it’s publically visible so people can access what information there is. My faves are at the top, and then a loooong list of brands I haven’t yet researched after that.


Mixed Styles – General Alternative Clothing



KillstarUS SiteUK Site

  • Products: Dresses, skirts, bodysuits, rompers, unisex t-shirts, women’s tops, tees, crop tops, halters, leggings, denim, cardigans, hoodies, sweaters, lingerie, swimwear, bodysuits, jackets, coats, vegan leatherwear, purses, bags, socks
  • Styles: Hooded, racerback,  sleeveless, short-sleeved, spaghetti strap, long-sleeved, bell-sleeved, fringed, sheer/see-through, asymmetrical, low, medium, and high necklines, open collars, jabot and school girl collars, various forms of distressing (rips, tears, worn spots, etc), laces at the neck, cold-shoulder cutouts, maxi, midi, mini, skater, pencil, relaxed fit, bodycon
  • Patterns and fabrics: Occult, Egyptian, runes, and similar symbols, stars, cats, slogans, graphic prints, Ouija Boards, cats, and the Killstar name/logo, dark tie-dye. Jersey with foiled patterns. Fringe.  Plain jersey and stretch viscose, regular and burnt/burned/burnout velvet, knits, mesh, sheer, fishnet, raglan.
  • Other specifics: Witchy-ness is a theme here, with many loose, long sleeves, draping fabrics, hooded dresses and sweaters, and lots of black. You could easily outfit a coven.


Also available at:

Sock Dreams

  • Products: Socks of every material, style, length, and weight. Thigh high, over the knee, knee high, mid calf, crew, anklet, footie/no show. Tights, leggings, hosiery, garter belts and garters, arm and leg warmers, gloves, & petticoats.
  • Styles: Everyday, boudoir, workwear, rave/party, plus size, unisex, burlesque, toe and tabi socks, winter/warm, autumn, spring, summer, classics, basics, unique, colorful, they seriously run the gamut.
  • Patterns and fabrics: striped, argyle, crochet, animal print, checkered, chevron, plaid, solid, sheer, polka dot, velvet, cashmere, silk, floral, marled, lace, metallic, fishnet, fencenet, cuban, rainbows
  • Other Specifics: This really is just a one-stop shop for socks. Need plain black tights? They got you covered. Need velvet leggings? They got you covered. Etc etc.

Black Milk Clothing

  • Products: Leggings, dresses, bodysuits, skirts, pants, shorts, jackets, tops, sweaters, swimsuits, catsuits, kimonos, hosiery
  • Styles:  Skater, flared, bodycon, maxi, super wide leg, pencil, midi, crop, cold shoulder, cap sleeve, long sleeve, sleeveless
  • Patterns and fabrics: Nylon, mesh, mermaid, holographic, foil, velvet, burnout velvet, pop culture references, classic art
  • Other specifics: Very popular, and fairly freaking expensive.

Unsorted, unlinked, etc.

Loooong list of brands I’ve collected but not researched or formatted. Brands I have tried, and liked, will have an asterisk (*) next to them.


  • Archaic Fashion –
  • Bettie Page Vintage –
  • Collectif –
  • Blue Velvet Vintage –
  • Dancing Days by Banned Apparel
  • Kiss Me Deadly*
  • Revamp
  • Rosegal
  • Unique Vintage –
  • Tatyana
  • Hell Bunny*
  • Hearts & Roses London*

General goth/alt/unsorted

  • Dolls Kill
  • Disturbia
  • Lip Service*
  • Kreepsville666
  • Heavy Red
  • Modcloth*
  • Necessary Evil
  • Plasticland*
  • Spin Doctor*
  • Sourpuss
  • Living Dead Clothing
  • Tripp NYC*
  • Nightwalker
  • One Spo
  • Untitled & Co
  • Rag Doll
  • Lovely Bonez
  • Dyspena
  • Iron Fist
  • Punk Rave
  • Good Goth
  • 24hrs
  • Gypsy Warrior
  • The Pyramid Collection
  • Jessica Louise
  • Too Fast
  • Liquorbrand
  • Twisted Bitches
  • Jawbreaker
  • Rat Baby
  • Morph8ne
  • Spiral Direct
  • The Ragged Priest
  • Heartless
  • Dead Threads
  • Cupcake Cult- bright
  • Vixxsin
  • Cold Heart
  • Restyle
  • Folter
  • Run & Fly
  • Urban Classics – grunge
  • Queen of Darkness
  • Long Clothing
  • PLayful Promises – Lingerie
  • Period Panties
  • Pamela Mann – hosiery
  • Local Heroes
  • Sponder – brand
  • Extreme Largeness – Accessories
  • The Rogue + The Wolf – Jewelry
  • The Pumpkin Coven – Jewelry
  • Urban Junk – bags
  • Anna Smith New York – bags
  • Bullet 69


  • TUK*
  • Current Mood
  • Irregular Choice
  • Demonia
  • Bordello Shoes
  • YRU

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