Calligraffitied is a single-author blog about various things. One main thing is cosmetics, with a focus on indie cosmetics, and the following are some of my goals for the site regarding that.


  • Reviews. Completely unbiased. One of my main goals with Calligraffitied is to arm potential consumers with information so they can make informed purchases.
  • Swatches. This goes along with reviews, and is very important in both the indie and corporate world. In the indie world, not all companies have the resources to show their products in multiple lighting, on different skintones, so beauty bloggers collectively try to make up for that. In the corporate world, it’s all about getting the product sold. Fake lashes on mascara advertisements, eye shadow and lipsticks color-tweaked, foundation ads featuring airbrushed, photoshopped pictures. I aim to do my part to combat this by reviewing every thing corporate, from drugstore to high-end, the same way I review indies: honestly.
  • Guides to indie shopping, and especially safe indie shopping . When someone walks into a store, they know that everything they can buy has been tested and passed by a government agency. When someone is buying through Etsy, StoreEnvy, or a self-hosted site, they don’t know if the person making the shadows is following FDA guidelines to the letter of the law, or hand-packing pigments in between swiping at their runny nose and petting their cat. There are ways to tell if a company is safe or not, just by looking at their site and packaging.
  • Occasionally I’ll pick apart a terrible click-bait beauty article for fun.
  • Posts that explain everything I know about a certain beauty-related topic. These will include what has and has not worked for me, links to products that have either worked for me or have worked for a great number of people, links to other helpful resources on the topic, and any additional miscellaneous related things.
  • Rants. I do that sometimes. Often about uncaring indie sellers or Urban Decay.
  • Info on misbehaving store owners and dangerous store practices. Not so much for the drama element, but again, because one of my main goals with Calligraffitied is to have information available to potential consumers.

Probably the second-most common topic will be alternative fashion, with a focus on plus-sized options, since I’m borderline plus-sized. My goals regarding this are similar

  • Again, completely unbiased reviews. I’m doing this for potential customers, not for companies to get free advertising. Or paid advertising.
  • Reviews of clothing & accessories, again, to inform potential buyers.
  • Guides and lists regarding shopping for different types of clothing in different sizes and price ranges. There’s no baseline for sizing these days, especially once you go above a large. Some companies have better return policies than others, but information from someone who has tried on clothes from a particular brand can be helpful when shopping that brand.
  • Highlights of my favorite brands, stores, and items.
  • Plenty of information regarding specific niches that interest me. Retro / vintage style lingerie is one example, burnout velvet in almost any form is another.
  • Something of a focus on handmade clothing.

That is by no means all there is. Additionally, there will be reviews and informative posts regarding:

  • Handmade jewelry
  • Nail polish
  • Corporate cosmetics
  • Hair products & styling
  • Perfume & other fragrance
  • Giveaways & sales

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